Please connect with me for more information on any of these services or a customized program tailored to your needs.

The Motivator- Know what you want out of your health routine but just need a little nudge here and there? Let me be your accountability partner with check ins and coaching to keep you on track.  This 30-day coaching package includes 1- 15min call/ skype check in per week and 1 weekly text check in.

Personalized Wellness Vision- Thinking about making your health a priority but not sure where to start? Take a look at your personal health and wellness and create a wellness vision statement based upon your strengths and potentials.  This 1-hour session takes a deep dive in to what is currently going on with your own health and wellness, where you would like to be in the near future, and a plan for a step toward a goal you create.

 Individual Coaching sessions- 50 min of one on one coaching sessions offering clients individualized guidance and support on their journey toward optimal personal health. Change takes time; therefore, a minimum commitment of 3 months is required to enter in to a coaching agreement. This package includes a personalized wellness vision, (1) 50 min one on one session as well as 2 check ins and priority email correspondence each month. Sessions are available in person, or online.

Pantry Makeovers- Designed to help those who want to incorporate healthy food choices in to their everyday life.  These makeovers include 1.5hour session at your home where we will explore your pantry contents. This session begins with an exercise in food categories that should make up most of your choices in your kitchen. We will discuss options and choices as well as incorporate label reading to gain a better understanding of what’s in your food.

Healthy Shopping- Exploring the grocery store with a more mindful eye! This shopping experience includes an initial phone consultation followed by a trip to your favorite grocery store or new one you’ve been wanting to explore. We will touch upon label reading and comparisons as well as tips for navigating through the store.